The Evolution of Roofs

As home structures have evolved throughout the years, roof systems have also undergone various developmental milestones. It is quite hard to imagine that houses in the past only had mud and straw above their heads to protect them from the harsh weather but yes, today’s roof system has been through such. Whatever the material used is, one thing remains to be true – that your home’s roof is one of the most important structures of your home.


As early as 500 B.C., civilization has given thought to constructing an efficient roof system. Around this time, truss roofs have been widely constructed in Sicily. A truss is a triangular structure which can consist of one or more triangular units that supports the early roof system. Around 450 years later, slating and tiling became highly popular in Great Britain. This change was introduced and brought about by the Greeks and Romans. In 735 A.D., thatch roofs were introduced and implemented. A good three centuries later, the first roof system making use of wood as primary material – wooden shingles was developed.

In the 20th century, King John passed a law ordering all the citizens of London to replace thatch and reed- roof coverings with clay tiles. Thatch and reed are quite easy to catch fire and the law was passed as a safety measure to prevent fire from spreading should there be any. This action was also the start of the clay tiles’ massive production and paved way for modern industrial roofing methods. These developmental milestones were followed by massive production of dreadnought clay tile in 1805 and concrete tile roofing in 1905.

The roof system has evolved and improved with time and the experience of the forerunners of the industry. With the various materials available today for roof systems, it is very important to trust only the experts. For all your roofing needs, contact Roofing Corp and they’ll be more than glad to be of help.

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