The Daunting Subject of Roofing Costs

25 March 2014
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When you decide to replace your existing roof, the first question that comes to mind is: How much would it cost to replace my existing dilapidated roof? And of course the answer would be daunting to the best of us. However the equally disturbing realization that having no roof over our heads is no option at all, should call us to action to consider the various options open to us.


What should you do?
Deciding on installing a new roof is a daunting one to make especially if you haven’t thoroughly inspected your roof. You should find out what level of damage your roof has sustained. If only a few tiles or the guttering have succumbed to the elements, they can be replaced or repaired without replacing the whole roof. But if the whole roof is completely dilapidated and can no longer prevent the elements from filtering into your house, replacing it will become the only option for you. It would be wise to get advice from a seasoned roofer about the best course for you to take.


The costs of installing a new roof
The complexity of the job is the main controlling factor that dictates what the final cost will be. It is to be expected that a steep roof is more difficult to work on than a flat or slightly pitched roof and hence will consume more time to work on. The type of roofing needed also has a bearing on the ultimate cost. The type of material you choose will also affect the final cost figure. The installation of insulating material is an added cost and so is installing the guttering. All these factors point to one common denominator which is that if the work involved is difficult to do, the longer will a roofer spend in doing the work and therefor the cost will be higher.


Calculating the Cost of Your New Roof

According to the estimates calculated by roofing experts, the cost of installing a new roof is roughly between 2% to 4% of the total value of the house. This is only a rough estimate of the total cost which does not take into account the labour, materials and the cost of clearing away the old roof. It is advisable to obtain actual quotes for local roofing companies but when you do so, make sure you provide the complete information on your existing roof. In many cases, roofing companies will send their roofing experts to conduct an on-site survey and provide an accurate quote at the same time.

The bottom line

Despite the costs that will be incurred in installing a new roof, the need for it is more important and every effort should be made to ascertain available options and actual costs before embarking on installing a new roof.



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