The Cost of Colorbond Roofing

25 March 2014
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The popularity of Colorbond roofing has skyrocketed recently and one is bound to ask the reason behind this phenomenon. The only correct answer to give is that Colorbond roofing material is reputed cheaper than any other roofing material around. Because of this, every roofing company is bending over backwards in attempting to make their roofing product either look the same or can be used in the same fashion as Colorbond steel roofing material.


Facts about Colorbond roofing products

The facts are twofold. First, there is a very wide range of products to choose from and second, the prices are amazingly competitive on the market. For starters, and without including installation and other costs, there is corrugated steel costing around $17.50. Next in line is the Colorbond High Gloss priced at around $21.50, a product closely associated with the product. The highly reflective Cool Max comes next, a product less expensive than the Colorbond High Gloss. The Colorbond Ultra priced at about $36.50 comes next and last but not least iss the double sided Colorbond priced at around $24.00.


The real cost of Colorbond roofing


The real cost of a Colorbond roof depends on various factors. The main factors are that a new roof will be cheaper than a replaced roof because materials from the old roof won’t have to be disposed of. Also a complex roof will be more expensive to replace than a simple slightly pitched flat roof. Lastly, an urban terraced roof would be more expensive to replace than a roof in the suburban area.


Other cost factors

In some cases, roofing contractors deal with hazardous materials such as asbestos. Handling the material will add extra cost to the roofing job than if an ordinary substance such as cement is being replaced. Different estimated costs for working with hazardous materials have been calculated. For example the cost of replacing a dilapidated corrugated steel roof can cost up to $5,000 while replacing a high pitched asbestos roof can cost around $15,000.

Obtain accurate quotes

The source for accurate quotes on Colorbond roofing can only be obtained from professional roofing contractors. The usual method of acquiring actual quotes starts with the furnishing of accurate information to the roofing experts concerning the status of your own roof. Make sure they are properly licensed and give them all the information they need so they can compile an accurate quote for you and do the work on your roof.

Which product to choose

You now have the information you need to identify the different products as well as the means of obtaining actual quotes from the experts. It is now up to you to choose the type of Colorbond product you need for your roof.



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