Terracotta Tile Restoration Sydney

At Roofing Corp Sydney, we are experts at Terracotta tiles restoration. We get the job done once and done perfectly.






We only use the best long lasting paint in the industry.

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Roofing Corp’s Terracotta restoration process:

The process is different from the cement tiles restoration and it involves six steps. Terracotta tiles are unique in that they are made of clay. The quality of these tiles is dependent on the skill of the potter because they must be baked properly and laminated well. In addition, they must be transported carefully to avoid cracks and any other damages. These tiles have a long lease of life but when damaged, it is advisable to promptly restore the damaged tiles. Our team has a wealth of experience with these tiles as many buildings here in Australia have borrowed a lot from this French technology. Our team has devised several steps.


The first step involves removing all the broken and damaged tiles just like the initial step in cement tiles restoration. A high potency steriliser that is biodegradable is then applied on the roof tiles using a watering can.

The second step is clearly marked by the effects of the sterilizer applied in step one. This agent penetrates the tiles surfaces killing any spores and the blackening of the tiles show the action of moss and lichen that have been removed. This sterilizer is very effective that it largely prevents any of these organisms from thriving again in future and thus prolongs the life of these tiles because the organisms do not have a chance to erode the tiles.

Step three is the cleaning process that is done under very high pressure so as to remove the black colour that was caused by the reaction in step two. This serves to restore the tiles to their original condition.


Step four is a clear manifestation of the previous step. One can observe as the tiles change from their black tint to being clean and regaining their previous colour. Since the sterilizer is biodegradable, it is soon degraded and its effects seize. Hence, the tiles are restored to their normal colour.

The fifth step then entails rebedding of all the appropriate ridge caps using a viscous liquid called the flexible pointing compound. The ridge caps are raised and the compound is applied.

Lastly, all necessary repairs are undertaken leading to restoration of the old terracotta tiles to their original state but looking new and glamorous increasing the aesthetic value of your house, school, building or real estate.