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Roofing videos of bad roofing jobs

Roofing corp was called out to Ryde where Tony had roof leaks. On inspecting the roof restoration was peeling from the concrete tiles and when asked Tony had said it was completed 6 months prior. When asked why he had chose that company, he had chosen the middle price of three quotes thinking they would provide the best quality for value. He tried to contact the previous company to fix this issue but the company line was disconnected and mobile would ring out.

The following videos display how the membrane applied by previous company is peeling away from the tiles.


Tony had asked if we could restore the roof in its current condition. Our response was that due to the restoration not have been cleaned, primed or sealed that any additional roof restoration would not be under warranty and not be in the clients best interest as peeling would definitely occur in the future. As he was extremely distressed with the situation of his two children sleeping in a leaking room and so we have repaired the roof leaks free of charge.

Another bad roofing restoration video: