Checked your Roof Lately?

Many house owners often take their roof for granted and as long as it does not give any hint of damage, the situation tends to continue until something disrupts the peace and quiet of the occupants. At Roofing Corp, being veterans of house roofing maintenance work for over 20 years with superb skills at replacing, renovating and cleaning roofs, we recommend that constant vigil is exercised to make sure that the roof is in top notch condition. There’s no knowing what will happen when the next cyclone starts blowing from the Pacific Ocean again. With changing climatic conditions, Sydney may be in the path of one.

But how often should you check the roof?

We believe at Roofing Corp in Sydney that for residents to the north, north east and eastern coastal parts of the country, two types of inspections are in order. The first should be a routine check that happens at regular intervals of 6 months or a year depending on individual locations and incidence of dirt, grit and leaves accumulation. The second check should be made immediately after a cyclone event. For routine inspections the whole roof should be checked along with related roofing components such guttering, downpipes, flashings, roof surface and ceiling damages. You can do them yourself or hire us to do it for you.

Roof damage following a storm

This is definitely the task for proven veterans because the damage is usually very substantial and fixing it is no task for a layman. The strong storm winds may have cracked or broken the roof frames or trusses and this in itself is not a menial task. The truss plates may have been moved or dislocated and a layman wouldn’t know the first thing about how to fix it. Due to massive shifting, many joints and connections become dislocated while whole truss plates not firmly fixed can be moved to prevent the roof from being realigned and set in place.

Routine roof damage and checks

Damages caused to your roof over a period of time can also be substantial but they are totally different from storm damages. The surface of your roof should be cleansed from the accumulation of dirt, grit and algae. The gutters should be sprayed clean of accumulated leaves, grit and grime and your downpipes should be inspected for holes and accumulation of debris especially at the joints. Any loose flashings should be fixed firmly in place to prevent any further dislocations. If you want us to do them for you, just take this simple step.

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