Roof Tile Cleaning at Sydney Roof Restoration

8 October 2013
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Cleaning your roof no longer has to be such a hassle with Roofing Corp. Specializing in professional roofing services such as roof restoration, roof repainting and roof tile cleaning among others, the company is the most reliable roofing company in Sydney.


Roof tile cleaning involves several processes depending on the type of roof tiles of your roofing system. For concrete roof tiles, roof tile cleaning makes use of high pressure water from sprays which effectively remove dirt and debris from your concrete roof tiles. Concrete roof tiles have to withstand harsh weather conditions everyday – from sunny days to rainy season. As a result, debris, soot and biomass can accumulate in the concrete roof tiles themselves. Having these unwanted substances accumulate in the concrete roof tiles can interfere with sunlight absorption. How much sunlight a roofing system absorbs also affects the amount of heat absorbed by the building. It is then very important for your concrete roof tiles to be cleaned regularly. Regular roof tile cleaning will maintain good performance and avoid problems in the future.

As for terracotta roof tiles, the main concern includes the accumulation of moss and lichen. Moss and lichen grow on terracotta roof tiles over time. This is due to the fact that terracotta roof tiles are made out of natural clay. The “natural clay” component of these types of roof tiles renders them quite moist. As a result, organisms like moss and lichen grow and thrive on the moist environment. In terracotta roof tile cleaning, the moss and lichen is first removed by using an environmentally friendly antifungal solution. The solution helps make the organisms disappear and also prevents them from growing in the near future. When the moss and lichen are already removed, the roof cleaning process officially starts.

Cleaning your roofing systems has several advantages. Keeping them clean lengthens their life considerably and also lowers the chances of them needing roof repairs. Roof tile cleaning also ensures that your roofing system will be able to perform at its best. Call Roofing Corp now for a free unobligated quote! With over more than a decade of experience in providing professional roofing services, roof tile cleaning will surely be a breeze with Roofing Corp!


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