Roofing Corp on the Job

At Roofing Corp we take pride in our ability to maintain the appearance of your roof and keep it looking new as if it was a brand new roof. We do this by a highly proactive approach in responding to customer requests. Nothing is more important to us than a customer contacting us to perform the whole range of activities that has made us a household name in Sydney. This is how we do repair work to damaged roofs:

  • Surveying the roof– To ascertain the type and amount of materials and degree of repair work needed, an initial inspection is conducted. This will avoid unnecessary waste of materials and ensure efficient use of time and effort.
  • The colours you desire – Choosing the colour you fancy is your prerogative and we give you free reign to make your choice. If you can’t do it, we will recommend the right colour based on sound experience and taste. This is something that we can do with your cooperation.
  • Due diligence – Complete caution and care will be exercised during the repair work to ensure your downpipes, gutters, and walls are not damaged. Roofing Corp does this by using filters, gutter tarps and shields to guard against flying debris ejected from the roof top.
  • High pressure cleaning – Following the inspection, the cleansing of the roof will gets under way in earnest with high pressure cleaning, and the water is expelled via the downpipes which have already been disconnected.
  • Tile replacement – After the roof is totally cleansed from unwanted debris, the replacement of tiles take place with utmost dexterity and caution to make sure damaged and worn out tiles are replaced with brand new tiles.
  • RebeddingThe ridge capping is removed and all roof ridges are re-bedded in perfect alignment and the tiles firmly placed along the guided railing by applying a bedding mix, making sure the tiles have the same ridge height. The ridge capping is then put back into position in perfect alignment with the tile ridge beneath it.
  • Flexi RepointingThe repointing material used previously may have collapsed or worn and a flexi compound is applied to hold the ridge caps at these places. The flexi material is far better than a mix of cement and sand as it does not change shape with alternative heating and cooling and is impervious to water.
  • Repointing the ridges – The repair work ends with the final coating of the roof that matches the colour of the flexible pointing material used for holding the ridge caps firmly in place.  This is how we do the job and if you find the approach agreeable and want you roof to be repaired in this manner, all you need to do is perform the next best thing.

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