Roof Restoration Costs

So you think that your roof is past its use-by-date and that an expensive replacement is your only option? Don’t worry – There is an alternative!

At Roofing Corp we may be able restore your roof to its former glory for as little as 40% of the cost of a new roof.

Calculating the Cost of Roof Restoration

When it comes to selling your home, whats one of the first things they look at? If they’re looking at your address on Google maps, the first thing they see is your roof. Is it dull and boring? or nice and new? A tired and dirty roof can detract from the look of your abode, a newly painted and refreshed roof frames the home and lifts its look and the value.

When considering the cost of a roof restoration job, think about the value its likely to add to your home. The cost that will be quoted by our certified roofer will depend on various factors:

  1. the roof restoration expert’s rates,
  2. materials used
  3. the size and pitch of your roof,
  4. its condition and
  5. how much restoration work is required.

The restorer may spot cracked tiles, which will need to be replaced to avoid further damage. Most roof restoration companies offer a free quote. The restorer will assess the roof and may recommend repairs, coatings and paint options.


Other Roof Restoration Cost Considerations

As well as cleaning the roof, we may need to do work to allow the restoration to occur. This includes

  1. pressure cleaning to remove dirt and grime and
  2. prepare the roof for a new coating.
  3. They may also unblock gutters,
  4. put displaced tiles back into position,
  5. replace cracked or broken tiles,
  6. rebed or repoint capping and
  7. fix any broken or blocked flashings

Just give Roofing Corp a call or a message and we’ll book a time for us to come out and find out what we can do to help you improve the quality and value of your home. We’re available 6 days a week.

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