Restoration – Constant Vigilance will pay Extraordinary Benefits

Once our new roof has been fully installed we tend to think that it will stay that way for ages. Like it or not, this is not true for like everything else, roofs do age and if they are not properly cared for, they will force homeowners to dig deep into their pockets or wallets to get it into top shape. At Roofing Corp, we believe in constant vigilance and would suggest you contact us the moment you notice something is amiss with your roof. The benefits that can accrue from this proactive approach will be extraordinary.

Don’t wait until the expiration date

Because the roof is placed at the vanguard of contact with the elements, it is the first line to meet the onslaught of sun, wind, rain, snow, sleet and the like. In the process the contact inevitably means slow but sure erosion to the outer covering of your cement roof tiles for instance. A cement roof tile will stay intact for over a period of 50 years. This does not mean however that you only need to take action once you are half a century there. Constant monitoring and inspection is needed. Set up an inspection schedule and stick to it. If you can’t do it yourself we will help.

Constant wear and tear

Cement is a tough nut to crack when properly mixed with other ingredients but even its toughness will not be able protect it from the harsh effects of sun, water or alternative heating and cooling. The outer covering will immediately come into contact with the elements and in time succumb to their effects allowing the cement below it to become exposed. Once this happens the erosive action of water takes over and we all know what damage water can do to the hardiest of roofing materials. Even iron roofing succumbs to its damaging effects so complacency is definitely not the right approach to take.

The tiles begin to chip off

We need to remember that cement tiles are made of nothing more than just cement and sand and neither were made to resist the harmful effects of falling or running water. Big droplets of rain are enough to dislodge chips off the cement tiles and the flow from the deluge is sufficient to transport the chips from the roof down to where they came from originally – the ground. So we have a situation where your roof is slowly but surely being eroded away under your very nose so to speak, without you knowing anything about it! You definitely don’t want that to continue and if you agree, you should seriously think about taking this next step.

Contact us

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