Do You Need Replacement or Simply a Roof Restoration?

“Oh boy, that’s an ugly, dirty-looking roof that I have!”


That may be one of your reactions as you view your roof and see that it’s far from the pristine, attractive roof that you got when you first move in to your house. The question now is whether to have it replaced or just get somebody to do some roof restoration.


Before you bring out that check book and write one, you need to consider some important things. One, replacing your roof might be quite expensive. Although price quotation may include other services like removal and disposal of old roof, replacement, labor cost, and cleaning up, it is still a very expensive proposition—especially if you don’t need roof replacement!


Another problem with having your roof replaced is the inconvenience that goes with it. Roof replacement can be completed within a few days to more than a week. That would depend on how many people are working on it. The length of time can also be affected considerably by the weather. With that in mind, imagine having no roof on top of your head for a few days!


What’s the better alternative?

Before you go on dismantling your old roof and replacing it with a new one, ask a roof expert company to do a survey and give you recommendations. Roof professionals will go over your roof centimeter-by-centimeter to determine if there are major damages that really need replacement. It might turn out that you might just need to do changes in some portion and not the whole lot.


Roof experts will also provide you with alternatives like roof restoration. This process involves removal of organic deposits and outgrowth like mildew and moss through chemical treatment. Just make sure that the chemicals they use are environmentally-friendly and will not cause your family some health problems in the long run. Tile and ceramic roofs can be restored using this method. Tin roofs may simply need a thorough washing and a fresh coat of paint. Some patches here and there may solve the rust problem and there might be an occasional roof replacement for genuinely ruined roof.


Before you sign on the dotted line, ask the roofing company a simple question: “Are their worker insured?” It may appear like an innocent question, but it speaks volumes. A company who gives insurance policies to their employees will not cut corners. It is an expression of how much they value their employees and the work they do!


We’re Here for You

Roofing Corp is here to help you solve that problem over your head! We can visit your place and give you an honest-to-goodness assessment of what you really need. We’ll provide you with a detailed list of work involved and the cost that it will entail—no dramas, no surprises.