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Roof Restorations Sydney

Can either involve simply cleaning the roof, cleaning and resealing the roof (suitable for cement and metal roofs). There are a variety of reasons for why you should have your roof restored. Roof restoration not only improves its appearance.

Many renovators who purchase a cement tiled home will often start at the roof as a 'quick win', there is also a feeling of safety and well being knowing that the roof over your head is secure and water tight.

Its important that you hire an experienced professional to perform your roof restoration. They will have the correct tools, the proper safety equipment and be able to give you solid advice on every part of the process, from what colours you should choose to wheher you should apply speacial, sun reflectin coats that can help reduce air conditioning costs.the roof restoration procedure is based on these key steps:

  • Replace broken tiles

  • Repair leaks and flashing

  • High pressure clean roof

  • Clean out all gutters

  • Rebed loose ridge capping in cemeent morter

  • repoint all rigde capping in flexiable acrylic morter

  • Apply sterliser(prep clean 500) roof fungacidal Non-toxic

  • apply 1 coat of roof primer/sealer

  • apply 2 coats of DULUX ACRATEX 962

Cement Roof Restoration Cement Roof Restoration
Cement Roof Restoration Cement Roof Restoration Cement Roof Restoration