Roof Repointing – Where the Strength of the Roof Lies

The holding power of the roof of any house lies in the way its tiles are bonded together to form a continuous and compact whole. This is the reason why at Smarter Roof, we take particular interest in the spacing of the tiles and the amount of adhesive mortar applied at these critical areas. There are two sections of the roof that need particular attention. These are the ridge capping section and the overlapping top ends of each slate of roofing tile. Once damaged, these two areas will let water seep in and damage the woodwork underneath leading to rotting and decay to the timber works.

The first mortar application – the tiles

When the roofing cement tiles of a house are installed, the act of making them stick together through all the temperature changes, the rain, the snow and whatever else nature has to offer is of prime importance. After all, who would want to live under a leaking roof? Two main areas of the roof are targeted in this process – the tiles and the ridge caps. The first method of bonding the tiles together at these roof sections is by a process called bedding or re-bedding where tiles or ridge capping has already been installed. This method involves the application of a mixture of mortar to the overlapping ends of each tile unit. Once the mortar sets, the roof is also set firmly in place.

The second mortar application – the ridge capping

As time wears on, the elements take a toll on the roof bedding and in time, cracks begin to appear along the re-bedding and the ridge capping making the roof susceptible to the effects of dust and water incursions. This is a very serious problem for house owners and prompt maintenance work should be undertaking quickly by an expert who knows everything about the repointing processes.

This is the name given to the second application of mortar to strengthen the cracked mortar along the overlapping edges of the tiles at the top ends and the along the sloping ends of the ridge capping. Fresh mortar is applied to the existing mortar so that both roof sections are again impervious to the impacts of dirt and water and are made firmer.


A complicated process


There’s always a tendency to view the process of re-bedding or repointing a roof as a simple task without realizing that there are technical processes to follow. These processes are known only to experts who know about roof repointing. For instance, even the mortar used in bonding the tiles and ridge caps together must be of the right mixture to produce the same texture needed for doing the repointing work. At Roofing Corp in Sydney, we also know this.


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