Roof Replacement Sydney

Deciding to replace your entire run-down roof? Call our Roofing Corp consultants first to give you the best solutions and quote.

Does your roof look old and rugged?

Need to add value to your home?

If yes, then your roof has served you well for years and it is about time we replaced it for you and gave your home or property a new look to restore the glory it once had.







All types of roofing have a life span after which no form of repair or maintenance such as roof cleaning or roof replacement can make a difference. The roof simply has to be replaced. With our experience of over a decade in this industry; we are capable of transforming your home using our wide range of designs, styles and colours. When it comes to our roofing workmanship, we are unmatched.



Look at our wow roof replacement job done.


At Roofing Corp, we have embraced style, creativity and innovation. Roof replacement is done by our experienced team in several steps. The initial step involves removing the old roof completely to give way for a new dawn to your home. In case there is any sarking required, it is laid on the frame. The battens are then installed followed by laying down of the new tiles. From there the ridge caps are re-bedded and re-pointed.

If your house is not tiled, we also have a package for you since the use of metal iron for roofing is becoming famous. That metal roof can be replaced as well. At Roofing Corp, we are innovative. We are able to replace iron roofs. We achieve this by using the best Australian Blue Scope Colour bond Steel that are genuinely licensed and of the highest quality. This involves first removing the old and rugged iron sheets followed by installation of battens. The colour bond sheets are then meticulously laid and nailed firmly into the desired design giving your house a new wonderful appearance.

The best thing about the colour bond steel sheets is that we have them available in different colours and therefore you are at liberty to choose your favourite colour and we will simply erect it for you. If you are not sure what you need, our teams have acumen for colour and they will be able to advice you accordingly to match your colour schemes perfectly.

With us, you can be assured of a thorough job and a total transformation of your home or property from a rugged, old and unsightly look to an appealing glamorous look that will make your house stand out and be the spectacle on your street.