Your Guide to the Roof Painting Process

Painting seems like an easy job to do. With a brush and a can of paint, anyone can just change the color of any surface. But it is not that simple when you are painting a roof. Roof painting entails a lot of processes because it is not just about aesthetics, it is also about longevity.


The process of roof painting

Changing the color of your roof or giving it a new layer of protection does not solely depend on choosing the color. It involves several processes to make sure that the end result will reflect beauty, protect the roof material, and promote energy efficiency.


Spin the Color Wheel. Choosing the right kind of paint is the most basic of all the processes. The paint must have elastic properties that can conform to the changes in temperature. It also must be durable to withstand changes in weather condition. The most practical benefit in choosing the right paint is in your electric bill. In areas that are predominantly sunny and hot, paints that reflect back heat will greatly reduce the need for air-conditioning to keep everyone inside the house comfortable. The lighter the color, the better is its reflective quality.


Specks and spots. For the paint to adhere to the surface effectively, the roof surface must be cleaned of any marks and blemishes. Developing rust must be scraped off and treated with anti-rust solution and patched. Organisms that attached themselves to roof must also be completely eradicated. Broken roof fixture must also be repaired prior to the application of paint.


Protective layer. Paint is not directly applied to the surface of the roof because it will easily get detached. Heat from the sun can easily melt the paint, making it prone to peeling and chipping. A layer of primer or sealer must be applied first. Also known as undercoating, the primer makes paint adhere better to the surface. It gives extra protection to the roof and increases the paint’s durability.


The final touch. Actual painting of the roof is the final process. This is the time when your roof will actually have a new look. Once completed, the overall visual value of your whole house will “shoot up the roof.” More than the aesthetics, a new roof will give you a better feeling about your house.


Roof painting is not limited to metal roofs alone. Different types of roofs follow almost the same process, but with added unique treatments suitable for each roof type.


Making your roof look better and last longer

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