Roof Painting – How it works

Thorough Cleaning Always Does the Trick

Without detracting from the intrinsic strength of materials in a tile roof, it is the case that with time the surface and structure of tiles roofs are bound to wear off against the elements. You will notice that the sheen and shine has faded and a new face lift is needed. At Roofing Corp in Sydney, we know when roofs have lost their lustre and are in need of a magical renovating touch. Sometimes however, once a roof has been cleaned, it will once again look as good as new and doesn’t need the application of paint. In that case, leave and let alone is the best thing to do.

Pay attention to the ridge capping

In the case of tile roofing, the ridge capping of the roof area is the most susceptible to damage. The type of work needed are repointing and re-bedding the ridge caps and even though it sounds simple enough to do, it isn’t that simple and you definitely need the assistance of an expert roof installer to successfully complete the work. The maintenance of the ridge capping is critical to the welfare of your whole house. If the area around the ridge capping is damaged, water will find its way into your house and will attack the timberwork along the ridge area making the timber susceptible to rot and decay.

The two common solutions

When the ridge area has sustained damage either by a cap section being shifted from its original position or actually damaged from the flight of a projectile or in any other manner, the usual remedy is by re-bedding the moved cap or the replacement of a damaged one. Re-bedding involves the taking off of the ridge cap and re-bedding it in a new solution of mortar so that the ridge cap is firmly placed in position. With repointing, the ridge cap is not moved but its strength is simply reinforced by another application of fresh mortar to the existing mortar surface. This also has the effect of firmly embedding the cap ridge in position.

The painting can now start

After the ridge capping has been secured and the rest of the roof cleaned, the first coat of paint should be applied. The most effective method for painting a tile roof is by airless spraying. But even this simple looking method has its own technique for painting a tile roof. You don’t just point the nozzle and away you go! The most ideal method is by painting downwards 4 tiles at a time from side to side until you reach the bottom edge from which you can safely climb down without walking all over tiles that had been painted. This method guards against the creation of overlap marks and we assure you It’s not as easy as you think. You must enlist the help of an expert roof painter.

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