Roof Painting – An Essential but Delicate Operation

Many people tend to believe that when they want to paint something, all they need is a large tin of paint and a paint brush and off they go! At Roofing Corp in Sydney, we know that painting a roof is an essential task and many more processes go into the task of painting a roof than we think. Whether you are simply changing the colour of your roof or applying a new layer of paint, there are other delicate processes that need to be taken into account.

The process of selecting the right type of paint

The type of paint used in covering the roof surface is of utter importance. The roof will be subjected to temperature extremes of hot and cold and the paint material must be adaptable to these conditions. The paint material must be elastic enough to absorb the extreme temperatures without faltering and protect the roof at the same time. Its durability against changing weather conditions must be without question. In sunny and hot areas choosing reflective would be a step in the right direction.

A clean surface adheres better

Paint will stick better to a clean surface than a dirty roof surface. It is imperative that the surface of the section of the roof or the whole roof must be scraped of marks, dust and blemishes. There will inevitably be patches where rust has developed and these must be completely cleaned before any paint is applied. All types of organisms and fungi must be eliminated and all repairs must be carried out to ensure that paint goes on a completely flat surface to facilitate strong adhesion.

Application be done in stages

When the final paint is applied immediately after the roof surface has been cleaned, it will simply not stick to the roof surface. Without the first undercoat covering of paint, the sun’s heat will inevitably melt the paint on the surface of the roof and it will either peel or chip off its surface. The undercoat will make the final coat of paint adhere stronger to the roof surface and render it safe from chipping or peeling. Painting a roof is not at all that simple and you definitely need the help of a true professional like us. If you agree don’t hesitate in taking the next step.

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