Like sparkling roofs? How about some Roof Painting?

Nothing beats the grandeur of a pristine beautiful house. And a house that is sparkling inside out not only looks pretty, but is forever inviting too. We all know the effect a good looking paint can have on a house. Hence, we spend large amounts of our time deciding onto the best combination of paints that should be applied to our homes. The chipped away paints from here and there, take away from the beauty of a house. Hence, we always tend to keep our exteriors as well as interiors up-to-date. But, have you ever wondered about the roofs? Did you know, a simple roofing service like roof painting, can add years to your roof? If no, read ahead.

Whether it is a simple school or a big business empire, a good coat of paint increases the aesthetic value like nothing else. We all know that, buying a house is amongst the biggest investments. And trust us when we say that, painting your roofs can increase the value of your house manifolds. Add to it the fact that, the compliments from guests just won’t stop pouring in.

A simple service like getting your roof painted has many advantages. In fact roof painting is actually a four way step, before you get those perfect sparkling tops. It starts with roof cleaning, followed by anti-fungal application. Then, a primer is applied on the tiles. This is followed by application of base cost on which the final top coat is applied. We at Roofing Corp, make sure that each process is carried out to perfection by our bunch of highly trained workers.

Did you know that the black roof absorbs most of the heat and thus raises the temperature inside your home? On the other hand, the heat reflective painting on your roof acts as one of the best insulators during summer season. It reflects back 90% of the rays, ensuring your house remain cooler by about 20% more than with a black roof. This in turn leads to less usage of air-conditioners, reducing your flaring electricity bills drastically. Sounds like good news isn’t it?

We at Roofing Corp, use the very best in quality and workmanship to deliver you the best of services at a competitive price in the market. You will never regret about the decision on choosing us. Call us now, to experience the best for yourself.