A Task Packed with Rewards

It’s very easy not to take any notice of painting a house or roof after all, it’s a common enough activity that goes on almost every day. At Roofing Corp, we are always involved in painting house roofs and we are intimately familiar with the many advantages that this very simple task can bring to home owners. Did you know for instance that by simply painting you roof you will be guarding yourself against spending tons of money on restoring and repairing your roof in the future?

Painting adds an aesthetic value

In addition to the fact that painting your roof now is a good investment that will save you from spending wealth in the future also imbue your home with a certain aesthetic ambience. Beauty always attaches itself to something that has just been painted. Have you ever seen a newly painted yacht, boat or car that does not raise your level of awareness of something beautiful? They most definitely do and the value of anything that looks beautiful immediately increases in value or worth. That is exactly what happens to a newly painted house when paint is applied – it increases in value many times over!

Reflective paint fortifies your roof

Paint has such an extraordinary effect on house roofs, it’s unbelievable. For instance, using reflective paint on your roof such as Dulux is the most effective way of insulating your roof during the hot days of summer. It is so effective, the heat is deflected immediately away from your home you will hardly feel the heat. It has been found that heat conducted from a black painted roof can increase the roof temperature to 90°F boosting the interior house temperature by more than 35°F making it hot and stuffy. Conversely, reflective paint will reflect up to 90% of the sun’s rays thereby reducing the temperature by as much as 20%. You’d save on other appliances that you might use for cooling down the interior temperature of your house.

Our expertise and experience are unmatched

Credibility is key to every aspiring service provider and at Roofing Corp we pride ourselves in possessing such qualities. Our work experience in repairing and renovating roofs spans more than 10 years. We are intimately familiar with paint products regarding how to use them and for what purpose. We have the best and most appropriate tools at our disposal and our team of experts has unmatched skills in executing their painting jobs. We have everything going for us to such an extent that what we provide our customers is nothing but the best there is to offer and if you agree, the next task is very simple.

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