Roof Painting in Sydney

Roof painting seems only but a simple thing that we really do not give much attention to. Here at a Roofing Corp we value roof painting because of the many advantages that this simple service brings. Did you know that just by painting your roof you can save so much on roof repairs and restoration?


Simple roof maintenance of painting your Sydney roof has a lot of merits. Apart from helping you not to spend on major roof repairs, painting maintains the aesthetic value of your house, business premises and schools. In addition, if you have a real estate, then a simple repainting can increases the value of your assets a hundred fold!

In addition, using heat reflective painting for your roof has such a great impact you would not believe it. A heat reflective paint such as Dulux is the best alternative to insulate your roof during the summer season. Research shows that on a typical hot day, a black roof can heat up to ninety degrees making the temperature inside your house more than thirty five degrees. But, with this reflective paint, this will be nothing to worry about. The roof reflects up to ninety percent of the rays away reducing the temperature by a significant twenty percent. This not only makes your home cooler during summer but looking at it critically, this will reduce the need of an air conditioner or a fan hence reducing your bills as well as your carbon footprint significantly.

We at Roofing Corp in Sydney are here for all your roof painting needs. We have an experience of more than ten years in this field. We have learnt the art of selecting the perfect roof painting products that are of high quality. We are not only endowed with the right tools to get the job done; we have a skilled team that does excellent painting.  Since we have embraced technology, we use Dulux 962 Acra Tex, one of the best membranes in the market and we are also able to paint glazed terracotta tiles. In addition, we have acumen for colour and we are able to select just the right shades and tones of colours to bring out that desired effect.

Roof painting is in four steps. First, roof cleaning is done followed by the application of an antifungal. Thirdly, a sealer or a primer is applied depending on the texture of the tiles. Lastly a base coat is applied and then a top coat to give it a final finish.



Its not always necessary to replace the entire roof, often we have found that certain roofs can be restored by painting. Simply by replacing broken tiles and a good clean, repairs and apply DULUX Acratex 962 Membrane. Receiving 10 years warranty, where a brand new cement tiled roof would need to be restored after 12 years.

Roof painting also helps in the saving in power costs by heat reflecting technology. It is also only a quarter of the cost of replacing an entire roof.

AW Roofing services the Sydney metropolitan area, with services that include:

    • Roof repairs and cleaning
    • Roof restoration
    • Roof painting
    • Roof recolouring
    • Free roof inspections, advice and quotes

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Roof Painting Examples

Dulux Acratex 962 Colour Chart

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