Ventilating the Space between the Roof and the Ceiling

Heat can conduct its way even through the ceiling and therefore hot stuffy air from above the ceiling below the roof can warm the air below it which may happen to be your bedroom or living room. Not so bad in winter, it can cause considerable discomfort in summer and many house owners who find themselves faced with this problem look for ways and means of preventing it. At Smarter Roof in Sydney, with our expertise in insulation and ventilation, we have come across many such cases and our advice is always available to those who avail themselves to them.

What are the roof ventilation options?

Believe it or not, one of the most popular ventilation gadgets is the small “whirlybird” that expels warm air out of through a cylindrical vent.  The construction of the device is ingenious composed of a cylinder housing a series of wings that automatically rotate as warm air starts flowing thought it. The movement of the “wings” continues to function so long as there is a warm draught flowing through it. However, despite its simplicity and utility, many people contend it does not function well while an equal number claim the device works perfectly. At Roofing Corp in Sydney we agree it does work but many have to be installed before an appreciative effect of cooling can be produced.

Ventilation from solar energy

Recently, another device has caught the attention of home owners. This is the very popular solar powered ventilation unit that comprises a solar panel placed within the frame of the ventilation unit and acts as its source of energy. The unit is placed on top of each vent in which an exhaust fan is installed. The solar powered unity sets the exhaust fan in motion all day so long as the sun’s rays are trapped by the solar panel and converted into energy with the recesses of the panel. This means that the system does not operate during the nights. Its sponsors say the downside is not so important as the ventilating function of the solar device is mostly needed during the day when it is hot.

The most dependable of them all

There’s no doubt the dependable and continuous power delivered by the electricity grid is the most popular energy source for powering any ventilation system. Systems run on electricity do not require winds and they can work non-stop during the day or night, so at the flick of the switch, this type of ventilation system is far ahead of the other two. The only adverse comments against the system, is it requires to be installed by an electrician which automatically inflates its cost and once installed, it will also add to your electricity bill. Nevertheless, we at Roofing Corp go along with many in our conviction that savings gained from the system far outweigh the additional costs incurred.

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