Roof Insulation

insulationAt Roofing Corp, we also offer roof insulation services. To achieve this, we use genuine and quality products. Roof insulation is also known as ceiling and it has several advantages.

Roof insulation comes in handy during the extreme climatic conditions. During winter, when the cold gets very unbearable, insulation can warm your house by increasing temperatures by about ten to twelve degrees Celsius. On the other hand, during summer, as we all have experience that  the heat can sometimes become so unbearable, roof insulation can lower the temperatures inside your house by a significant ten to twelve degrees. This will ensure comfort for you and your family yet it only takes a short process to install a ceiling.

Secondly, if we critically analyse the costs of the energy that we consume, then we will certainly see that insulation is advantageous. The heating we use during winter and the air conditions and funs during summer really consume a lot of electricity. However, just by the simple step of insulating your roof, you can save up to forty percent of your energy costs! Economically speaking, this is a great mile stone that we all need to embrace this concept of roof insulation.

Rest Easier With Insulation

Rest Easier With Insulation

The third advantage is that roof installation can greatly contribute to the reduction in greenhouse emissions thus lowering your carbon emissions and you can indirectly contribute to protecting our environment.

What then do you consider when choosing your ceiling insulation? One, you must put into account the R value. This R value is the measure of your insulation performance. The higher the R value, the better the insulation. In Sydney, the recommended minimum is R3.5 or higher. The best products are Bradford’s high performance butts which have the highest available R values of up to R6.0. The size of your rafter space is also very important because the insulation butts are in two distinct sizes.  The price is also a factor to consider and it varies with the different materials and the roof access. In Australia, glass wool roof insulation butts are the most preferred because their process are competitive and they are relatively easy to install. They are made from seventy percent recycled glass making them have great insulation properties. The greatest advantages of glass wool are that it is the most resistant to fire; it does not shrink like others do and it has a lifetime warranty!

Roof insulation has many merits that Roofing Corp is very ready to install it excellently into your house leaving you to reap the benefits.