The Indispensible On-going Chore

roofrestoreimgIt is difficult not to completely forget about your roof once the house has been built and you have moved in. After all, a roof is supposed to last a very long time and it’s not worthwhile the fret right now. At Roofing Corp in Sydney, we tend to think otherwise for the simple reason that just like everything else, once a roof is standing under the power of the elements, the wear and tear starts immediately. We can never know what lurks around the corner in terms of surprises that can overwhelm us with such speed that we are left flat footed during and after the fact.

The unexpected storm

We tend to think to ourselves that we can somehow predict what the weather is going to be. Many failures have convinced us that this is Mother Nature’s territory and she can whip up a storm without notice that can rip, displace, tear or even uproot your roof. What do you do here, only you can answer but at Roofing Corp in Sydney, we suggest you start cracking immediately and call us to come to your assistance. And we mean immediately! To wait a day or two would be like inviting water to trickle down the woodwork to the walls and floors of your house.

The Projectile

Teenagers just get bored easily and in your case, decide to play baseball in the nearby paddock adjacent to your house. They have done this many times and an extra game wouldn’t make that much difference, only this time the ball manages to leave the bat and head for your roof. It inadvertently loosens a few ridge caps off your brand new roof. Now if you don’t want water seeping into the timberwork and the rafters down to the ceiling itself, the best thing to do would be to call us immediately to carry out the necessary repairs before rain starts falling or rodents from a nearby tree find a new habitat.

The Accident

Most of the time accidents to your roof will happen from actions done from outside the house rather than from inside. Sometimes however, someone may decide to climb onto the roof to retrieve a ball, a kite, or some other article that a young son or even yourself have accidently thrown onto the roof.  In the process, a slip and a slide occur causing considerable damage to the roof. Do these things actually happen? You bet they do and on numerous occasions we’ve had to be quick to the rescue.  If you also think these accidents can happen, don’t forget to do the next step

Contact us

Ring us on 02 8006 1116 and we will sent our repair team to repair the damage immediately.