Repairing Storm Damaged Roofs

The Australian macho instinct, always come to the fore, when calamity strikes and this applies when strong stormy weather spoils the usually calm and sunny climate of this beautiful country. With over 20 years of experience at the roofing game, we at Roofing Corp in Sydney know what damage a storm can wreak upon a roof. Despite the macho instinct, we would caution against any DIY approach because fixing a damaged roof can be potentially dangerous and hiring an expert to do the job is definitely the better option.

Differing storm damage scenarios

The storms that rage in some part of Australia, especially the northern and north eastern part of the country can be phenomenal and the damage they incur can sometimes reach very astronomic levels that can sometimes soar into the hundreds of millions. Other parts of the country do not succumb to these catastrophic phenomena but one thing that emerges from these storms is truly perplexing. The aftermath of the storm witnesses some roofs still completely intact, while others have been partly or totally plucked from their trusses. No doubt, the better constructed roofs are the survivors.

Professionalism at the core

At Smarter Roof in Sydney, we take cognizance of building standards and we apply them to the letter to our roof maintenance work whether it is roof restoration, replacement or cleaning. If you look closely at one of our completed jobs, you will notice that the completed work involves extremely sophisticated and intricate engineering work to existing structures. These precise methods can hold the roof in place during exceptionally high storm winds. The roof finish is not done haphazardly or at the whim of the renovating or replacement expert. It is done in conformity with high quality standards and hence the reason why some roofs remain intact while others are pulverized during storms.

Roofing weaknesses

Like everything else, roofs can become susceptible to certain weaknesses caused by the elements, time and workmanship. At Roofing Corp, during more than 20 years of expertise on structural roofing, we have noted that more storms are occurring now than in the past and this increasing incidence tends to weaken roofs over time. The action of insects and natural decay also play havoc with the condition of many roofs and can weaken trusses, rafters or joints in the house frame. The loosening of nails and screws that are left unattended can also cause roof damage. At Roofing Corp, we try our utmost in pre-empting these causative events and always succeed in keeping our roofs in place. If you want a strong and storm proof roof for your house, the next task for you apart from reading this page is very simple.

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