Roof Cleaning – Cleanliness Promotes Longevity

At Roofing Corp in Sydney we conjure up many thoughts about our roofing trade and sometimes we often assimilate the components and functions of a house to that of a human body with the only difference that a house doesn’t need sustenance to survive. But like a human body, it always needs fresh air and constant cleaning and repairs otherwise it becomes unclean, old, dilapidated, and will have to be demolished. The same principle applies to the roof of any house.

The corrosive and erosive power of water

When water runs freely along a valley, it goes into action in many ways. It transports material in buoyancy, it scours the bottom with the rocks and sand it carries, it erodes the sides of the river or stream bed and finally it deposits sediments at the end of its course. Another very important power of water is its ability in dissolving chemicals and adding more power to itself. In the case of car wheels, it’s the ability to combine with grit and dirt to form an acidic liquid which can corrode. It does this same thing on a roof.

Corrosion of roofing materials

There are very few elements that water cannot corrode with time and roofing material is not one of them. Water can corrode through cement, iron and steel and in the highest concentration of acidic form, can even cut through aluminium. Here, we are talking about ordinary, cement, kiln hardened terracotta cement, galvanized steel, clay and even wood. These are the type of materials that succumb to both the erosive and corrosive power of water and the only way to safeguard against this outcome is to periodically clean your roof periodically.

A Professional roof installer

Enlisting the assistance of a professional roof installer who knows everything there is to know about effectively cleaning a roof is the smartest decision you can make for safeguarding your roof. Many people would claim that cleaning a roof is a cinch that only needs a ladder, a broom and a hose and that’s it! There are so many other aspects that need to be considered before you even attempt going on the roof itself. Only a professional roof installer has the expertise to know these extra requirements and you’d be very wise to make contact with the professionals like Roofing Corp in Sydney. They’ll help you clean your roof effectively in a professional way at a very affordable cost.

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