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Just as any machine needs proper maintenance and oiling to ensure a smooth and long run, similarly to add longevity to your roofs, you need to make sure, it doesn’t remain the most neglected area of your house. In fact, in you took care of it just like how you do of every other nook and corner of your house; you would be amazed at the overall beautification and the feeling of cleanliness that it brings to your little yard of land.

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Regular roof cleaning is one of effective and lighter-on-budget methods that make sure, your roof is always sparkling and adding to the overall glory of your home. It ensures that all the dirt, dust, biomass and the organisms that breed in them like the algae, moss, leaches are thoroughly removed. This in turn makes sure, that the look as well as the life of your roof tiles increases manifolds, without you needing to throw away huge sums of money.

Different types of roof tiles require different methods of cleaning. A terracotta roof tile will not be treated in the same manner as a concrete roof tile, and the reason is simple because, they are all made of different stuffs. Concrete roof tiles are made to withstand harsh climatic variations. And that leads to accumulation of dirt, grime, dust and biomass. To remove these, high pressure water from sprays are needed. Similarly, terracotta roof tile have ‘natural clay’ as a component which keeps them moist. This results in growth of algae, moss etc. This needs to be removed using anti-fungal solutions.

A proper sunlight ensures a well lit home. The amount of sunlight that is being absorbed also gets reduced, due to the presence of the dust and grimes and the unsightly breeding organisms. This in turn results in lesser light being absorbed inside. Also, tapping of rain water is a good way to utilize water, but to get good quality of water, make sure the roof is clean. These are reasons enough, that should get you thinking on getting a roof cleaning done soon.

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