How much does Roof Cleaning Cost?

An Haphazard Approach can Cause More Damage.

A dilapidated roof full of unsightly leaves, grit and dirt can create a most unpleasant view of your house. Naturally, you’d need to come up with a quick solution which probably means you will personally do the job yourself by using a high powered pressured sprayer or old-fashioned wand. It may be the quickest way, but it may get you into more trouble than you bargained for. At Roofing Corp in Sydney we suggest you refrain from a DIY dare and let us do the job for you. We are experts at giving roofs like yours a facelift.

The most appropriate cleaning equipment

As professional roof cleaners, we use the modern rotary washers instead of the outmoded wand sprayers that can do more harm to your roof than the rotary washers. We know that terracotta roofs must be given special treatment using special chemicals from removing thick layers of lichen that accumulate and cling to the tiles. One advantage rotary washers have on wand sprayers is they can cover a large area of roof in one single swipe, leave no striped patterns and produce a very clean roof surface. We also apply an anti-mould spray after completing the job.

Related maintenance work

It would be professionally unethical for a roof cleaning expert like Roofing Corp to provide maintenance work on a worn out roof, without paying attention to other relate roof parts such as the gutters and downpipes. The condition of the roof usually echoes the condition of other roof parts. The gutter for example will also likely to be overburdened with debris, mould and thick layers of decomposed leaves, moss and other impediments. The weight puts pressure on the gutter guard fittings and may most likely glut the downpipe as well, so attention to these areas is critical. After spraying, vacuuming and washing, we apply a suitable chemical solution for final cleansing.

Costs are relative to roof type and area

The cleaning of a roof does not require an exorbitant outlay of funds. In fact, for the convenience and sparkle that it produces, the costs involved in cleaning your roof are quite meagre. It is not unusual to hear quotes of just $2 or less per square metre for ordinary metal and concrete roofs. The most expensive quote is $4 and upwards for cleaning a terracotta roof but this hinges on the

Type of maintenance work you need. More added work means higher costs. The roof area that you need maintained also adds extra cost but at Roofing Corp we offer discounts for maintaining and cleaning large roof areas. Need your roof cleaned at a very affordable price? Then just do this very simple task.