Remember When You Last Checked Your Roof?

25 March 2014
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The status of our roofs are always deceptive because we usually culture the notion that because they are built to last a long time, we always tend to assume that they are in good shape and ignore them. Be warned that this lackadaisical attitude can cost you plenty and the best way to avoid it is to develop the notion that you must take due care and conduct periodical inspections on your roof. In fact, it is advisable that you draw up a timetable that will keep you abreast of the wear and tear condition of your roof.

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The what when and why of roof inspection
From first-hand experience, experts on roofing maintenance say a roof should be inspected at least twice a year. They say that for your own welfare and protection, refraining from doing so is not an option but it will save you a lot of hassle, bother and money in the future.  You agree? Great! Now we can start talking about roofing maintenance in earnest as follows:

  • What

Careful inspection should commence with the roof surface itself because that’s where all the action takes place in terms of the impact of sunlight, wind, rain, snow, frost, sleet, hail and so on. The guttering should be inspected next as should be the downpipes and flashing joints. Any weaknesses on the roof will be echoed in the ceiling surface so inspection will also be needed here.

  • When

Roofing experts recommend that when you carry out the inspection yourself, the task should be executed when the weather is calm and dry so as to maximize both your visual inspection and safety.

  • Why

–          The surface of the roof must be free of fungus and mouldy substances so that captured water is safe for use. Look meticulously for any loose rivets and sag in the roof structure. Make sure all roofing tiles are in good condition and ensure their caps are intact. The problem becomes serious when tiles are loose or are falling apart. If that is the case, enlist the help of a tiling specialist to tend to your problem quickly before the next rain squall or storm comes along.

–          Nothing should be lodged in the gutters so it should be completely cleansed from rubbish. Inspect the body to locate any corrosion and fix it on the spot yourself or get an expert contractor to install the latest protection systems for your gutters. It will prolong the life of your guttering and you won’t have to clean it so often.

–          The action of leaking water on house structures can become very inconvenient and costly so patching up leaking downpipes and dislocated flashing joints can eradicate potential damage. Fix the leaks immediately to prevent further damage.

–          Inspect the ceiling to identify damage done by water dripping from leaks in the roof and get it repaired immediately to avoid enlargement of the leaking holes.
Draw up a schedule

The most effective way of ensuring that your roof remains in top condition is to draw up an effective inspection and maintenance schedule and strictly adhere to it.


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