Point Last Roof Restoration

Innovation is one governing value that we really uphold at Roofing Corp. Point last roof restoration is another package that we offer. It entails application of the flexible pointing compound as the last thing after the roof has been repainted.


The distinction between a new tiled roof and a restored roof is that for the restored roof, the pointing is done using the same membrane colour as the tiles and many people claim that the roof looks artificial making them not prefer it most of the times. However, the merit of this is that the pointing seals and protects the roof from erosion which in turn prolongs life. The reason for this artificial look is explained by the fact that on a new roof, though the pointing compound and the tiles are of a similar colour, they vary in texture, gloss and finish thus creating a clear distinction giving it the preferred natural look.

This technique of repointing the roof has more advantages than disadvantages; it lengthens the lease of life of tiles. We at Roofing Corp are able to do it professionally through skilled workmanship that can be able to maintain the contrast in colour which can only be achieved by erecting a new roof. Thus, you do not have to worry that your roof will look artificial; we have your concerns into consideration.


Another great advantage of this method of restoration is that it offers you a chance to choose your preferred colour schemes and we can apply them skilfully to bring out the desired effect. In fact, you have an option of selecting two different tones of colours for your ridge caps. The federation style look is especially known for this design.

This method also allows for creativity and style which we are able to capitalize on very well. We can restore cement tiles tactfully that we make them resemble the old style classic terracotta roof. We are also able to use colour to show the contrast between the terracotta ridge caps and the cement tiled roof.

This is a very innovative method that brings out style, creativity and is flexible because you are at liberty to choose the colours you like. We, Roofing Corp indeed have you the customer at heart because you are the reason we are. We make sure that your needs are met 110%. If you want the best services, contact us immediately.