Cost of Replacing the Entire Roof

25 March 2014
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Some homes find it necessary to call upon the services of a roofing contractor many times. The fact that this happens should be a signal to the homeowners that things are not going as well as he or she thinks. It is a sure sign that the roof is in dire need of replacing and a wise homeowner will pre-empt the possibility of having the roof collapse on everything and everyone sometime soon. Don’t let this happen to you or your family!


Know your need


Of course the above tone is overly alarming but nevertheless, you should not take things too lightly especially when your roof is the subject under scrutiny and discussion. There are many reasons why a roof leaks. A single tile may be worn and cracked; a contractor may have inadvertently done a poor job somewhere on your roof with it was first put in place; your guttering may be pooling water and is overflowing because of collection of debris. You need to know what it is that you need done.

The first line of defence

Year after year and for every day of the year, your roof is bombarded by all the natural elements – raindrops, snow, wind and sunlight and one often wonders as to how a roof can sustain so much punishment and yet can last for a very long time. Eventually, a roof will need to be repaired, renovated or replaced but because of our faith in its lasting propensity, we tend to put off the work because of budget constraints or other reasons. Whatever the reason, the sad truth is it may result is something far worse than what you fear now.


Costs for replacing your roof


In most cases you will find that roofing contractors will provide quotes until they personally inspect your roof. However from reliable professional sources, a rule of thumb can be applied to determining the cost involved. That rule says that the cost of replacing the whole roof will be between $75 and $110 per square metre which includes the type of material you choose to replace your entire roof. Be realistic and expect to get charged a higher price if you choose high quality materials such as tiles. They cost about $40 per square metre which represents the lower end of the price range for Colorbond and Zincalume.


Your call


When it comes to replacing the entire roof be prepared to accept that it will cost you plenty in the short term. In the long term, your buy will provide you with safety, satisfaction and contentment and these are a lot more precious than the money you spend to attain them. After all that is one of the reasons why we a busily working away at the office all day long!


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