What Does the Law Say about Cement Tile Roof Restoration?

Almost 40% of a residential dwelling unit is made up of the roof. The roof is the most essential part of the house as it protects the residents from the effects of changing weather condition. Many homeowners go the extra length to ensure that their roofing system is well-maintained and free of any structural damages. They even spend a little bit more in making sure that the roof is aesthetically pleasing.


The need of having a secured roof, however, had been exploited by some unscrupulous businesses and individuals who go knocking on doors to make a quick buck from unwitting customers. The most common sales pitch are: “Your cement roof appears to be in bad shape” or “it looks like your roof needs a fresh coat of paint”. Then they’ll go on their spiel of giving you discounts and guarantees to convince you to sign up immediately.


What does the law say?

The Australian Consumer Law that took effect in 2011 provides consumers a 10-business-day calling off window before they pay any money or before a work can commence, if the service is offered by door-knockers. This is to protect consumers from coercive and even bullying tactics of such sales agents. False pretensions or misrepresentation like offering cheap cement tile roof restoration “because they are already servicing another person in the area” is considered unlawful.


What can you do?

There are a number of things that you can do to protect yourself from falling victim to illegal business practices.

1. Do not sign anything immediately. If you feel any hint of hesitation, do not put your name across any contract. Even if the offer seems to be a bargain, take some time off and think about the whole matter for a few days. By law, you are not obliged to sign anything. More so, do not sign any document that have blank portions in it, especially when the seller is telling you that he’ll just fill those up when he gets back to his office.

2. Verify the company offering you the services. Ask your relatives and friends if they knew anything about the company who offered you services. You can also do internet research to verify the company’s existence. You may also ask the help of the relevant government agencies in your locality. Also ask from the salesperson information about other clients that they serviced so that you can make your own verification.

3. Ask for the details of the service that is being offered, the full amount that needs to be paid, and all other pertinent information. Compare the given details with other service providers.

4. Report to the appropriate government agencies any experience of sales malpractice or abuse that you were subjected to.


We are above-board!

We at Roofing Corp uphold the value of integrity in our dealings with our customers. We only provide services that are needed by our customers, not what we thought you need. As a company, we always believe that our customers are the reason for our being. As such, we will always provide you an honest service of the highest quality and with guaranteed satisfaction.