Benefits of Tile Roof Restoration

Even a decade old tile roof can be brought back to life with tile roof restoration. Tile roof restoration not only brings back the aesthetic beauty of your tile roof but also provides numerous benefits.


Prevents moisture and water absorption

Tile roof restoration calls for recoating your tiles. This process ensures that the tiles absorb little to no moisture and water. Tiles that have become uncoated have higher moisture and water absorption rates causing more and more damage to the tiles in the long run.

Assures safer and re-pointed ridge caps

Ridge caps of tile roofs eventually get weaker and loose over time. This can cause lots of problems including leakage and cracks. During high winds and stormy weather, a loose ridge cap will most probably get torn off and cause damage to your tile roof and even your neighbor’s property!

Preserves your tile roof pointing

There are two major concerns when it comes to your pointing. The pointing mortar, when exposed to U. V. rays, often breaks down. It also expands and contracts due to the natural change in temperature which causes cracks to appear in the pointing. Tile roof restoration provides membrane recoating which can help prevent these two primary concerns. The coating helps prevent U. V. rays exposure and also minimizes the expansion and contraction of the pointing. This can save you tons of money – not having to spend them for tile roof repair!

Prevents leakage

Water can find its way into your home if the tile roof pointing pulls away from the ridge capping. This can be prevented through membrane recoating whereby the coating acts as an anchor.

Cleaner water run-off

Tile roof restoration makes the water run-off cleaner. If you have water tanks at home, say goodbye to dirty water complete with roof chip offs!

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