A Leaking Roof

25 March 2014
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There’s nothing more annoying and discomforting that to hear the mundane drip of water somewhere in the house. It’s excruciating and it can prove fatal if it pools and makes contact with electricity. The solution is? Repair it immediately, but the next thing that pops up is the cost involved.  How much will it cost to repair the leaking roof?

Repairing the roof leak

To effectively provide an answer as to the costs involved and before you even embark on repairing the roof yourself, you should contact a reputable roofing expert to compile a true quote to get a quality job done. In most cases, the repair or renovation work will be minimal except when severe storms have occurred and your house roof has sustained considerable damage and need to be completely replaced. In the past severe storms have wreaked havoc to houses in Australia and throughout the world reminding us that our homes are susceptible to natural forces and we need to be ready to take immediate action whenever needed.

Factors that determine repair cost levels

Make no mistake that the first leak from your roof is a heads up signal regarding the state of your whole roof. Remember that the whole roof was installed at once and the one leak is indicative of the age and condition of the whole roof. It is only a matter of time before another section of the roof springs a leak. You should have the leak repaired but before doing so, you should pick your time for doing the repair. The opportune time is summer when the roofing industry is in the ‘down’ mode and repair prices are usually lower that winter when they undergo and upswing.

The cost factors

As with any other product, there are factors that determine the level of prices for the roofing industry. These factors include the locality where you live, the slant and height of your roof, accessibility to your roof, the expertise of the roofing contractor are factors, the extent of damage incurred, insulation, guttering, dislodging and removal of roof material. All these are included in the ultimate cost figure.

The actual cost

Roofing contractors normally charge a price of between $45 and $100 an hour. The actual cost therefore will depend on the length of time taken to complete the job. If there are only a few holes to repair, or a few tiles to replace, the contractor will complete the work in a short time and this will reflect the amount you will need to pay. However, if you add guttering, roof slant and design, installing of guttering and downpipes as well as the replacement of all the tiles, dislodging and removal of roof debris from the site, the original low cost will be inflated due to the additional time needed for getting the job done.

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